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7th Grade Math / Lesson 6: Drawing Nets

What will we be learning in this lesson?

  • In this lesson, you will continue learning about nets of other objects.


  • Remember, a net is something that can be cut and folded to create a 3-dimensional figure.
  • Below is a picture of a net. If you were to cut this out and fold it, it would create a cube. This section will let you explore nets for other objects.


  • It is important to know what shape each face of the object is.
  • Then be sure that each of those shapes appears in your net.

  • Here is a cylinder. The top and the bottom are easy - circles. But what shape would the side create if you unrolled it?
  • Think of something like a can of soup. If you tore off the label, what shape would it make?


  • You would actually get a rectangle if you unrolled the sides of a cylinder.

  • So imagine what a net would look like for this cylinder. A circle for the top, a circle for the bottom and a rectangle for the sides. Would both circles be on the same side of the rectangle? Would they be on different sides?
  • The drawing for this net is actually in your worksheet as an assignment question.


  • Some things to keep in mind when you explore nets for different objects:
  • Be sure you know how many sides the object has. You need to account for every side of the object in your net.
  • Be sure to identify the shape of each side of the object. You need to have each of those shapes in your net.
  • Open up the worksheet now and see if you can find a working net for the objects on the page

  • Can you identify nets that form objects?