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7th Grade Math / Lesson 8: Application of Proportions

What will we be learning in this lesson?

  • In this lesson, you will learn look at how to use proportions to solve application problems.

    Vocabulary words are found in this purple color throughout the lesson. Remember to put these in your notebook.


  • Proportions can be more useful than just working with shapes on paper.
  • Proportions have many applications in real-world settings.

  • Here is a lamp post of an unknown height. It casts a 6 foot shadow on the ground. A near by stop sign casts a 4 foot shadow on the ground and is 6 feet tall. Setting up and solving a proportion can help find the height of the lamp post.



  • Set up the proportion then solve for the height of the lamp post.

    6*6 = 36 ÷ 4 = 9

    The height of the lamp post is 9 feet

  • Can you apply the notion of proportion to solve application problems?

  • Be sure to go back to your classroom to get any homework assignments or other activities you need to attend to.