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7th Grade Social Studies / Lesson 11 - Code of Hammurabi

 What will we be learning in this unit?
  • What was the Code of Hammurabi?
  • How did the laws deal with lawbreakers?
  • What kind of laws were dealt with and what was the punishment?

  • A king who wanted to bring his whole empire under control.
  • Most of the laws Hammurabi used were established, however he wanted his people to know the punishment for breaking laws.
  • His laws were the first to actually be written down for all the state to follow.

2 types of law
  • Criminal Law- offenses against other people such as robbery, assault, or murder. His principle set out the idea for "an eye for an eye"
  • Civil Law- private rights and matters, such as business contracts, property inheritance, taxes, marriages, and divorce.

You be the Judge!
  • After every situation described, read your worksheet about Hammurabi's code and describe how the situation would be handled.Write the answers on the back of the worksheet.

You be the Judge!
    1. What should be done to the carpenter who builds a house that falls and kills the owner?
    2. What should be done when a "sister of god" (or nun) enters the wine shop for a drink?
    3. What happens if a man is unable to pay his debts?
    4. What should be done about a wife who ignores her duties and belittles her husband?
    5. What should happen to a boy who slaps his father?
    6. How is the truth determined when one man brings an accusation against another?