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7th Grade Social Studies / Lesson 13 - Invaders, Traders, and Empire builders

What will we be learning in this unit?

  • How did ideas and technology spread?
  • How did the Persians unite a huge empire?
  • What contributions did the Phoenicians makes?



Spread of Ideas
  • Warfare and trade helped spread ideas throughout the world.
  • Some of the most important contributions in this time was the invention of wheeled vehicles, an alphabet, and ironworking to make weapons.
  • All of these innovations are stilled used in society today.

 Persian Empire

  • The Persian empire was able to conquer the largest territory ever seen during this time.
  • The Persians were able to unite their empire by dividing the empire into provinces and appointing satraps (or governors) to help collect taxes and enforce laws.
  • The Persians were also able to unite their empire with a good system of roads.
  • The Persians also set up a system of coins to help make trade easier which is called a money economy.However, some traders still preferred the barter economy of exchanging one set of goods or services for another.

Phoenician Sea Traders

  • Instead of farming, the Phoenicians set up colonies to trade with other colonies. Colonies are territories settled and ruled by people from another land.
  • The most important thing from the Phoenicians was their invention of an alphabet to record business transactions.