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7th Grade Social Studies / Lesson 1 - Introduction - Welcome

What will we be learning in this unit?
  • You will be learning about this class and how it will be graded
  • You will be learning a little about your teacher

What will this class be like?

  • A lot of your grade will come from your thoughts and ideas. I feel sometimes history classes are only read a chapter then take a test. In my class, you will be asked questions on your opinion and then asked to explain why you thought that way. As long you can justly explain your answer, you will get points.So NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK!! It's always best to try!!

How will I be graded?
  • Points from homework.
  • Points from quizzes.
  • Projects (if assigned).

  • I expect you to be respectful to your classmates.
  • I expect work to be turned in one time. Points will be taken away.
  • I expect you to always try your best. Never settle for second.
  • I expect success from all of you!! If you work hard, you will be rewarded.

A side note...

  • As stated before, I am trying to avoid you reading long passages from the textbooks, but instead watching movies, PowerPoints, and sharing opinions in essays or web searches. I want you to follow the PowerPoints closely and take notes, because if you do that you will succeed in my class. We'll have fun this year.
  • And, if you ever need to talk or have questions about this class, just ask me. I will be honest with you and help you every step of the way. Let's work together so everyone can make the honor roll this year.