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7th Grade Social Studies / Lesson 5 - The Dawn of History

What will we be learning in this unit?
  • What advances did people make during the Old Stone Age?
  • Why was the Neolithic agricultural revolution a turning point in history?
  • Who is the Ice Man and why is his discovery important?

What advance did people make during the Old Stone Age?
  • During this time, people started living in small hunting and gathering groups of 20 to 30 people.These people were nomads because they moved from place to place following animals to hunt.
  • People started making tools to hunt with.
  • People developed a spoken language.
  • They also invented clothing by wrapping animal furs around them to keep warm.
  • These early people also believing in religion like spirits in animals or other objects.

The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution
  • The nomads made a breakthrough by learning how to farm. By producing their own foods, they could now live in one place.
  • Another breakthrough during this period was domesticating animals so they could eat them when they wanted and they would not have to hunt.

A changing way of life
  • As farming increased, the males became more dominant in their families, economic, and political life than females.
  • When food was scarce, wars would break out from neighboring communities.
  • As people gathered more possessions than others, a difference in wealth appeared.

New Technologies
  • As farming became more successful, new technologies had to be developed such as:
    1. Ways to protect themselves and their farms
    2. Calendars
    3. Using animals as to plow fields.
    4. Weaving cloth from animal hair or vegetable fibers.

Meet the Ice Man