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7th Grade Social Studies / Lesson 7 - Ancient Kingdom of the Nile

What will we be learning in this unit?
  • How did geography influence Egypt?
  • What were the main features and achievements of Egypt's three kingdoms?




The Geography of the Nile Valley
  • Yearly floods overflowed the river valley and helped bring rich soil to its land.
  • Ancient Egypt used to be divided into two parts. Eventually the two parts became united and Egypt was able to use the Nile as a freeway to send supplies and people to wherever they needed to be.
  • The Nile river was also used as a trade route for merchants.

The three time periods in Egypty
  • Old Kingdom
  • Middle Kingdom
  • New Kingdom.
  • What happened during each one?

Old Kingdom
  • Very strong governments organized by pharaohs, or rulers.
  • Pharaohs took pride in preserving justice and order.
  • The main thing to remember about the Old Kingdom was this is when the pyramids were built.

Middle Kingdom
  • Power struggles, crop failures, and the cost to make the pyramids contributed to the end of the Old Kingdom.
  • Middle Kingdom was turbulent. Crops did not grow well and part of the kingdom was overrun by invaders.

 New Kingdom
  • Egypt retook the land that was taken from them and looked to expand their territory.
  • One of the most powerful rulers during this time was a woman pharaoh.
  • After many years of fighting, the Egyptian empire began to decline. Many outside invaders wanted to take this land because of the Nile and the fertile soil.