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7th Grade Social Studies / Lesson 9 - Egyptian Civilization

What will we be learning in this unit?
  • How did religious beliefs shape the lives of Egyptians?
  • How was Egyptian society organized?
  • What advances did Egyptians make in learning and the arts.




Egyptian Religion
  • Since the Egyptians lived in the desert, the chief God of the Egyptian was the sun god.
  • The Egyptians also strongly believed in the afterlife. They thought that each soul had to pass a test in order to win eternal life.
  • Egyptians also believed that the afterlife would be much like life on Earth. Therefore they buried the dead with everything they would need for eternity.

  • To give a soul use of its body in the afterlife, Egyptians perfected mummification, which is the preservation of the dead.
  • To mummify a body, first they would take the brain of the dead person through the nostril and remove most of the internal organs.They filled the body cavity with spices, then later dried and wrapped the body in strips of linen. This process would take months to complete.

 Egyptian Society
  • Society was ranked as so.
    1. Pharaoh and his royal family
    2. High priest.
    3. Nobles- they fought pharaoh's wars.
    4. merchants, scribes, and artisans or craft makers.
    5. Farmers and slaves.

Egyptian Society
  • Most Egyptians were peasant farmers. Many were slaves. When not farming, this class of people were expecting to work for the pharaoh.
  • Egyptian women generally enjoyed a higher status and greater independence than women elsewhere in ancient world. They were able to work small jobs but were not given higher up positions.

Egyptian Writing
  • Like other civilizations, ancient Egyptians developed a form of picture writing called hieroglyphics to keep important records.
  • The hieroglyphics were written on a paper like material called papyrus.
Example of Hieroglyphics

Advances in Egyptian Time
  • Egyptians were able to create a system in geometry to help section of their fields.
  • Egyptians mapped star constellations.
  • Egyptians started to use more sculptors than other civilizations.
  • Egyptians also wrote love poems, prayers to gods, and folk tales.