Have fun with these Games!

Action Games



Help Dr. Who against his dim-witted enemies.    


Alien space ship game.

Sprite Maze

Maneuver your spinning top through a maze while a red top killer tries to catch your top and shoot it.

Brain Teasers


Block Maze

Find your way through a maze.


Game Room

Find your way through a 3-dimensional maze.

Magic Squares

Can you make all the squares the same color?


Once the squares are mixed up, can you slide them back the way they were?

Sliding Blocks

Can you move the squares to where they go?


Traditional tic-tac-toe game

Wall Maze

Find your way through this maze.

Card Games



A BlackJack game for more than one player.    

Miscellaneous Games





A golf putting game.



Ping-Pong for one player

Worm Game

Clip art, games, stories and activities for younger kids.

You will need to have the free Shockwave Player to play many of these games. You can download this plug-in for free.

There are also other games on the web.


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