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Ancient Egypt was one of the earliest civilizations.

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The Pyramids

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Pyramids of Egypt
Ancient Egyptian civilization existed about 4,500 BC, many years before people lived in North America.

Ancient Egypt was located in the fertile Nile valley. The Nile valley had rich soil for farming. The Nile delta also had grass necessary to feed herds of cattle. In addition to agriculture, the Nile River was a great source of fish.

While the Nile was a great area for agriculture, Ancient Egypt was also an area rich with gold.

The Pyramids are nearly 4,500 years old.

The Sphinx

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The Sphinx
In Ancient Egypt the King was called a Pharaoh. The Pharaoh had total power. Egyptians believed that the Kings got their power from the gods. The King built temples to the gods and had to keep them happy with gifts and sacrifices. The Egyptians believed that the Pharaohs were god-like themselves.

The King would prepare for his death by building a great tomb or temple to be worshipped as a god. These were the great pyramids.

While many were in the shape of pyramids, others took on the form of their Pharaoh.

The largest statue of Ancient Egypt is at Giza. The Sphinx at Giza has the body of a lion and the head of a Pharaoh. The word Sphinx is Egyptian meaning "living image."


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During the first Egyptian dynasty the idea of writing developed in a pictorial script known as hieroglyphics. Most hieroglyphic signs are pictures of people, animals, plants or other things. There were about 750 signs in the hieroglyphic script.

Egyptians told stories about the creation of their world, and about their society using hieroglyphs.

Some hieroglyphs represented gods or goddesses that played a major role in their lives.

Being able to read and write were important for people working in Egyptian civil service. Schools taught reading, writing and mathematics.

The hieroglyphs were used for royal and religious text carved in stone. Hieroglyphics2


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