You may know that the first word in a sentence starts with a capital letter. There are also other times to use capital letters. Read on to learn more about capitalization.


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Capitalization is used within a sentence. Sentence case also describes the standard capitalization of an English sentence, i.e., the first letter of the sentence is capital letter, rest of all being lower case (unless requiring capitalization for a specific reason, Example: Proper nouns etc.).


The first word in a sentence should be in capital letter.

Example: Primitive man made his first tools and weapons from bones and stones or from wood.

Here in this starting word ''Primitive'' the letter started with ''P'' capital letter.

The word "I" should always be in capital letter.

Example: What I fear is that if I were to meet Newton face to face, I would fail to recognize him, so busy I am  learning about him!

Wherever ''I'' comes in the middle of the sentence it should be in capital letter.

The names of people and pets are in capital letters.

Example: We met Patty and Lisa at the party.

Here Patty is a pet's name and Lisa is a person's name.

The names of geographical places, roads, places, and buildings should be in capital letters.

Example: Columbia Hospital is on Central Avenue.

Here Columbia and Central Avenue are the names of places, and Hospital is the name of a building.


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