Writing a Narrative

Do you like to tell stories? Then you should be good at writing narratives.


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Writing a Narrative

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The important points to remember about a narrative essay, is that it tells a story.
The author can write about:

1. An experience or an event from his or her past.
2. A recent or on going experience or event.
3. Something that happened to somebody else such as a parent or a grandparent.

The second important thing in a narrative is that the story should have a point. In the final paragraph, the author must come to an important conclusion about the experience that has just been described.

The author may remember his or her past or a memorable person or event. The narrative must have an introduction and a conclusion. The point of view in Narrative is usually first person. The use of "I" invites the reader into an intimate discussion.

Narrative - We can describe ideas and events in new and different ways.

An important friend - a friend who has been an important part of your life. How did you become friends? When did you become friends? When you met and how your friendship grew?

Here are some examples for writing a narrative.


One afternoon as I entered the school playground during the recess, I saw a small girl of my age sitting alone under a tree. She seemed to be new to the school, as I don't remember having seen her before.

I slowly walked towards her and gave a smile. She smiled back. I sat beside her and introduced myself as Linda, in grade 3. I saw a glow in her face when she heard me. With a bright smile she replied," I am Pauline also in grade 3, I joined school only today." As we chatted, she said that their family moved to this place a week back. Being the first day at school, she had not carried any lunch, so I was happy to share my ham sandwiches with her. By the end of the day Pauline and myself became good friends.

The next morning as my mother drove me down to the school, I saw Pauline, getting into the car a few rows away from my house. As we both stayed in the same neighborhood, we used to meet during weekends and play. We both became very good friends in a short period. As we grew our friendship also grew. There was nothing that we would hide from each other.

Now almost fifteen years later, I remember every moment, I spent with Pauline. She was such a good friend that I cherish her friendship forever. Though living apart she never fails to keep in touch on a regular basis. It was only after I met Pauline that I knew the true meaning of friendship.

Friend ship is a reassurance from someone who really cares for your joys and sorrows. Friendship is the most wonderful experience one can ever have.


Presenting an Incident

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Presenting an incident
Presenting an Incident

One bright summer evening, I was slowly walking back home after school. The weather was very pleasant. All of a sudden, I heard someone calling me from behind. It was Julie. Julie and I lived in the same neighborhood so we often walked together. We both chatted as we walked and enjoyed the beautiful nature around. She is in grade 4, and looked taller for her age. Some times I would go to her place during weekends to play with her. I lived four blocks away from Julie's house. As we approached her house, she quickly waved to me and ran into her house.

As I was walking down the road, I noticed a strange dog following me. I shivered from top to toe, as I am dead scared of dogs. He was Black with White spots on his shaggy old body. He had piercing black eyes that seemed to cut a hole in my heart. It looked as if his fur hadn't been cut in months. I didn't think much of it at first, but it kept at me. I started walking faster and faster. I glanced behind and the dog was gaining on me. What would happen to me, if he got me and tackled me to the ground? Would he lick my face or would he tear me apart? I thought that would be the end of me.

In the meantime I realized that I was close to my house, Mom was standing at the doorstep anxiously waiting for me. I quickly ran to her and took a deep breath of relief for being out of the terrible dog's clutches.


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