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There are about 300 different species of octopus native to many of the world's oceans, especially coral reefs. The octopus doesn't have an internal or external skeleton, allowing it to squeeze into very small places. The octopus has eight arms or tentacles, that it uses for crawling, exploring things and catching prey. The octopus' arms have suckers capable of grasping and holding objects, such as their prey. The octopus has a hard beak in the center of its arms that it uses to tear apart its prey for eating. Like the squid, the octopus can suck water into its mantle and expel it out in a fast, strong jet. This jet propulsion provides fast, forward movement. Also like the squid, the octopus can eject a thick cloud of ink to help it escape from predators. Play the following videos to learn more about the octopus.

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