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The First Continental Congress brought together representatives from each of the colonies, except Georgia, to discuss their response to the British "Intolerable Acts."

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The First Continental Congress Meeting

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First Continental Congress
Theme of the First Continental Congress (Source: Library of Congress)
In 1774, the colonies held the First Continental Congress. Representatives from each colony, except Georgia, met in Philadelphia. The royal governor in Georgia succeeded in blocking delegates from being sent to the congress.

The representatives gathered to discuss their response to the British "Intolerable Acts." They met to discuss their relationship with Britain, and how to assert their rights with the British government. They wanted to appear as united colonies in their reply to Britain. The purpose of the First Continental Congress was not to seek independence from Britain.

First Continental Congress
First Continental Congress meeting
(Source: Library of Congress)
The congress had three objectives: to compose a statement of colonial rights, to identify British parliaments violation of those rights, and to provide a plan that would convince Britain to restore those rights.

The members agreed to boycott British goods and passed resolutions asserting colonial rights. They also agreed to meet again in May 1775, if the British did not change their policies.

In retaliation, the King and Lord North of England decided to punish and weaken the colonies. They blocked colony access to the North Atlantic fishing area.


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