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In 1768, British military were stationed in Boston to help enforce the Townsend Act, Sugar Act and Tax Act. These British Acts were created to raise taxes for the recovery of costs related to the French Indian War. These tax acts were very unpopular in with citizens of Boston. The citizens also resented having British troops stationed in their town. On evening of March 5, a group of young men began taunting Private White, a sentry outside the Custom House. They began throwing snowballs at the sentry. This attracted an even larger crowd. The Officer of the Day, Captain Thomas Preston, saw the situation getting out of control and sent several soldiers to help. The situation continued to escalate and one soldier was knocked to the ground with a club. When the soldier got up, he fired his musket into the crowd and shouted "fire." This led to other soldiers firing their muskets. Five civilians were shot and killed in the brawl. Check out these videos to learn more about the Boston Massacre.
































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