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The Battle of Germantown was fought on October 4, 1777 at Germantown, Pennsylvania. Washington planned to attack the British garrison in Germantown as the last effort of the year before the onset of winter. His plan was to attack the British at night with four columns from different directions. On the evening of October 3rd, 11,000 American troops began a 16 mile march to Germantown. The attack was to occur before dawn. The darkness made communications between the columns very difficult, and progress was slower as expected. At dawn, most of the American forces still had not reached the British camp. They had lost the element of surprise. The attacks on the British and Hessian camp were repulsed with heavy casualties. Of the Americans, 152 had been killed, 521 wounded, and over 400 captured. British casualties were 70 killed and 450 wounded. Check out these videos to learn more about the Battle of Germantown.































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