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The Battle of Oriskany, fought on August 6, 1777. It was part of a series of battles leading to the Battle of Saratoga. British General Burgoyne and 1,800 troops left Quebec in June 1777. He planned to split New England from the other colonies by gaining control of New York. Friendly Oneidas warned Nicholas Herkimer, the head of Tryon County's Committee of Safety, that the British were just four days from Fort Stanwix. On July 30, Herkimer put out a call to arms, urging people to prepare to fight. He raised a force of about 800 men. Burgoyne and his troops reached Fort Stanwix on August 2, and began besieging it.

On August 6, Herkimer held a war council and decided to march toward Stanwix to meet the British troops. The British Army, and their Seneca Indian allies, discovered the militia were coming and set a trap in a ravine six miles from the fort. Herkimer was on horseback leading his militia along the road when they were ambushed. A shot shattered his leg and killed his horse. Herkimer's men eventually rallied, fighting their way out of the ravine. With Herkimer seriously wounded and many of their captains killed, the militia retreated back to Fort Dayton. Due to his injury, Herkimer's leg had to be amputated. The operation went poorly and he died on August 16. Check out these videos to learn more about the Battle of Oriskany.





































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