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The Battle of Quebec occurred on December 31, 1775. American colonial forces tried to capture the city of Quebec and drive the British Army from the Province of Quebec. Their goal was to eliminate British control of Quebec, and the get French Canadians to join the Americans against the British.

On November 9, 1775, Colonel Benjamin Arnold and about 600 Continental Army troops reached Point Levis on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, opposite Quebec City. It was a difficult march from Boston, and Arnold had lost almost half of his 1,100 troops. The remaining troops were starving and in terrible condition. Even though the continental troops were outnumbered two to one, Arnold demanded the city's surrender.

Arnold decided he could not take the city by force so he set up a blockade to prevent supplies from reaching the city. On December 3, after defeating the British at Montreal, General Montgomery and his 300 troops joined Arnold. Together, Montgomery and Arnold assaulted the city on December 31. A snow storm had broken out, making the advance very difficult. Montgomery was shot and killed. Arnold was shot in the ankle and had to be carried off the battlefield. Thirty of his troops were killed, and about 350 taken prisoner. Arnold refused to retreat and held his seige until March of 1776. On May 6 a small British fleet carrying 200 troops arrived forcing the Americans to retreat. Carleton also marched his forces from the garrison after the retreating Continental Army, and the Americans were driven from Quebec.

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