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The Battle of Saratoga, or Battles of Saratoga, were two battles fought near Saratoga, New York. It all started in June 1777 when British General John Burgoyne began moving south from the British province of Quebec to gain control of the Hudson River valley. His plan was to split the eastern New England colonies from the southern colonies. Parts of the Burgoyne army reached the Hudson River valley at the end of July, but the main army was delayed due to logistical and supply problems.

Burgoyne had the Continental Army, under General Philip Schuyler, in retreat. In response, General Washingon assigned General Horatio Gates to take command of the Continental Army from General Schuyler. Additional troops were also sent to support General Gates.

On September 19, 1777, Burgoyne marched into the Hudson River valley. He met the Continental Army just north of Saratoga. Following intense fighting, the Continental Army was forced to retreat. Although the British had won the initial battle, it was with a significant casualties, both in infantry and artillery men. British troop reinforcements still had not arrived, and Burgoyne's army was running low on food.

Both Burgoyne and Gates recognized the importance of controlling the heights at Bemis Hill. Gates had already positioned troops to defend the hill. On October 7th, Burgoyne mounted an attack on Bemis Hill. The Americans successfully defended the hill and Burgoyne lost many soldiers. The American troops counter attacked forcing the British to retreat. On October 17, Burgoyne's army was now surrounded by the Continental Army. He had lost 1,000 men, and was running low on supplies. British General Burgoyne was forced to surrender. Check out these videos to learn more about the Battle of Saratoga.























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